Mathey Dearman Beveling Machine MSA 1.5"-4"

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Mathey Dearman Beveling Machine MSA 1.5"-4" Pipe
Part Number: 03.0100.000
Mathey Dearman Beveling Machine MSA 1.5"-4" Pipe FEATURES: PORTABLE—The light compact unit is an excellent tool for shop or field applications. ACCURATE—Precision spacer bolts, located on both sides of saddle, provide stability and accuracy that result in high-quality cuts every time. EASY SET-UP—Requires little to no operator training to set up and achieve an accurate cut. PROVEN—The saddle, ring gear and cap ring are made of 713 aluminum alloy and hard-coat anodized to create a tough bearing surface for years of accurate cutting and beveling. ADAPTABLE—Can be used with most oxy/fuel or plasma machine torches with a 1 3/8" (35 mm) barrel diameter. BUILT TO LAST – Mathey saddle machines have been working in the harshest environments on earth for more than 80 years Saddle Machine Includes: Base machine Torch arm Torch carrier assembly – Secures 1 3/8” (35mm) torch and allows cutting angle adjustment Spacer bolts or step spacers required to mount the machine to different pipe sizes Parts and operating manual