Carborundum Medalist YP 2788 R Flap Discs, Type 27, 4 1/2 x 7/8 in, 40 Arbor, 33,300 rpm 5539567811

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Part Number: 481-05539567811
Achieve an exceptionally fast cut rate and long product life from our new super sharp, 100% ceramic grain that defies premature dulling with optimum resistance to wear. Eliminate burn (with our grinding aid lubricant) and produce excellent part finishes that competitive blocky grains cannot deliver. Gain life and performance from our new, stronger, thicker engineered, Y-weight Plus polyester flaps. Increase amount of usable flaps from our quick- trim plastic backing that wears away with our self-sharpening abrasive. Grind and finish at the same time; no switching from depressed center discs to resin fiber discs. No more changing over slow-grinding, fast-wearing discs; simply get to the task at hand so your production times turn into profit lines. Get the same quality results on mild carbon steel, ferrous metals and cast iron applications that you expect, with less pressure ï¾– as a result of enhanced grain/bond adhesion, and a more forgiving, cooler cut that operators prefer. Choose these flap discs with the lowest formaldehydes and no performance-inhibiting dies that are safer for your operatorsï¾’ use.

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