Victor Journeyman Style Heating tip 8-MFTA

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Victor 8-MFTA heating tip for journeyman series torches.
Part Number: 716352088381
Victor Equipment Heavy Duty Acetylene Heating Tip. Part # VI0330-0528Size: 8. Fuel Gas: Acetylene Series: 1Type: MFTA. For use preheating before welding, descaling, and paint burning. Note: Size 8 is maximum size for use with cutting attachments. Use in: H315FC Torch Handle, 315FC Torch Handle CA2460-90, Dig Cutting Attachment CA2461-75, Dig Cutting Attachment CA2462-180, Dig Cutting Attachment ST2600FC, ST100FC, ST900FC, and HC1200C Strait Torches MT200 and MT300 Machine Torches

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