Miller Big Blue 400 Pro Diesel Welder w/ArcReach 907733001

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Miller® Big Blue® 400 Pro Diesel Welder With ArcReach® 907733001 The Miller® Big Blue® 400 Pro with Mistubishi S4L2 engine and ArcReach® is a low speed, EPA compliant compact diesel welder that is ideal for construction, piping and fleet use. It packs up to 400 amps of welding output at 100% duty cycle and provides 12,000 peak watts of auxiliary power. It is capable of carbon arc gouging using up to 1/4" diameter carbons. The Big Blue 400 Pro 907733001 comes standard with Miller ArcReach®. The ArcReach feature allows the Big Blue to communicate with a remote Miller® ArcReach® wire feeder or ArcReach® Stick/TIG remote without the use of a remote control cable. The secret to this technology is built-in circuitry in both the Big Blue 400 Pro welder and Miller ArcReach wire feeder/remote control that passes remote control signals through the welding leads, eliminating the need for costly remote control cables. ArcReach remote control distance is limited only by the length of your welding cable leads. ArcReach allows your Stick, TIG, MIG or Flux-Cored welding operation to take place further away from the welding power source and reduces downtime and costs by giving the operator full remote control capabilities at the site of the weld without using expensive remote control cables. The Big Blue 400 Pro MUST be paired with a Miller ArcReach feeder or ArcReach Stick/TIG remote to get the full benefits of this feature. When paired with the appropriate wire feeder, the Big Blue 400 Pro with ArcReach can perform MIG, Pulsed MIG, RMD® and flux-cored welding operations. Processes Processes Stick (SMAW) MIG (GMAW) Flux-cored (FCAW) RMD® Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P) DC TIG (GTAW) Air carbon arc (CAC-A) Rated: 3/16-inch carbons (max 1/4-inch) Applications Mechanical Contractors Structural Steelwork Fabrication Maintenance Repair Rental Construction Features: Remote control of the power source without a cord. ArcReach® allows you to change weld settings from your ArcReach feeder or remote, saving a trip to the power supply. ArcReach technology uses the existing weld cable to communicate welding control information between the feeder or remote and the power source. This technology eliminates the need for control cords, and their associated problems and costs. Superior Arc Performance Four preset DIG settings (Stick) Hot Start™ (Stick) Lift-Arc™ TIG with Auto-Stop™ and Crater-out MIG/FCAW arc performance Simple-to-Set Controls Requires no elaborate procedure - just select process and weld! Thermal Overload Protection Prevents machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked. Mitsubishi S4L2 four-cylinder diesel engine is designed to operate over 10,000 hours before the first basic overhaul. Backed by worldwide support and service. Quiet at only 72.1 dba (97 Lwa) at 23 ft at maximum output. Improves work site communication. The Vault-ultimate control board reliability. Hardened solid-state control technology, housed in a sealed vault. The vault's sealed connections are made through watertight plugs that make these components impenetrable to dust and moisture. Meter Maintenance Displays Fuel gauge Hour meter function Oil change interval High coolant temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns Low fuel shutdown - engine shuts down before system runs out of fuel, making restarts easy. Auto Remote Sense™ (ARS) Detects if a remote control is plugged into the 14-pin receptacle and eliminates confusion of a remote/panel switch. Other Standard Features Digital preset weld meters Output contactor control Automatic idle 120 V block heater Specs

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