Mathey Dearman D711-1618 16" - 18" Rim Clamp (1 Each)


Mathey Dearman D711-1618 16" - 18" Rim Clamp (1 Each)

Product description

 Mathey Dearman D711-1618 16" - 18" Rim Clamp (1 Each)

Mathey Dearman Rim Clamps aligns and reforms high tensile strength X65, X70 and X80 pipes with wall thicknesses up to 7/8" (22mm) (see chart below for tensile strengths). The clamp reforms pipe out-of-round condition up to 2" (51mm), gaining its strength from heavy-duty oval shaped side plates, latching mechanism, and flip-up jackbars for mating pipes.


The hinged flip-up jackbars, placed with precision on the clamp, can be rotated away from the primary pipe for insertion of the mating pipe, valve or fitting to facilitate welding and grinding. The independent pivoting pads of the jackscrews allow for uneven surfaces on the pipe. To avoid risk of contamination, all surfaces of the Mega Rim Clamp that come in contact with the pipe are made of stainless steel.



Pipe Size: 16" - 18"
Reforms Pipe To Schedule: 80
Aligns Pipe To Schedule: 120
Estimated Weight: 240

*Clamps May Be Delivered By Freight, Forklift May Be Needed*

Rim Clamp includes:

  • Clamp frame



  • Required number of jackscrews for the clamp size



  • Flip-Up jackbars for mating pipe



  • Stabilizer bars



  • Level and support device attachment point



  • Clamp wrench



  • Parts and operating manual






  • EXTREME REFORMING CAPABILITY— Reforms high tensile strength pipes.



  • HI-LO — Can be used on pipe out-of-round condition up to a 2" (51mm) with out-of-round condition.



  • VERSATILE—Engineered based on actual customer applications.



  • The jackbar rotates out of position for alignment, welding and grinding without removal of the clamp.




NOTE: Please check the following information in order to specify the Mega Rim Clamp for your application.



  1. Pipe diameter (inches or millimeters)



  1. Pipe wall thickness (inches or millimeters)



  1. Pipe tensile strength or type material



  1. Horizontal or vertical application



  1. Ambient temperature



*Check Pipe Wall Thickness Diameters Below*

Clamp Type



Pipe Tensile






Pipe Diameter


















14" - 24"



32" - 48"



50" - 60"



62" - 72"
























1 1/8"



1 1/4""















Pipe Wall Thickness



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